An exciting project Onda Concepts worked on was the design and development of a mobile portal for a telecommunications company in Australia using Oracle’s Weblogic Portal product.

The main challenges were:

  • Ensuring the mobile portal was functional on over 5,000 different types of potential mobile handset.
  • Ensuring the user experience automatically adjusted for the particular device that was accessing the portal, whether it was a monochrome display device or fully functional smartphone.
  • Ensuring the mobile portal was maintainable and extensible for future devices.

Onda Concepts worked with a team of third-party vendors to come up with an elegant design that met the challenges faced on this project. Rather than designing the portal to detect and display for a particular device, the team decided to create different profiles which grouped devices based on functionality and screen capability and dimensions. This grouping allowed the team to create a handful of profiles which in turn was used to determine how the portal was to be displayed.

The project utilised the following technologies: Java, portal technology and web services.