Onda Concepts played a pivotal role in developing and rolling out of a holistic and revolutionary digital platform for schools.

Due to busy schedules, parents require up-to-date information accessible anytime, anywhere and parents require relevant information and reminders to be pushed to them, via their mobile devices, in a timely manner. Schools, on the other hand, required a streamlined and co-ordinated strategy to ensure accurate and timely information was sent to the parent.

Onda Concepts understands this and has developed the platform in such a way to enhance and enrich the way schools relate and engage with parents in this digital age.

The platform combines three major aspects – the school website, newsletters and sports fixtures – into one unified, efficient, user-friendly and secure interface.

In conjunction to these three major aspects, the platform also allows parents, students and staff are able to view their own timetable once they have logged in. This level of personalisation is further extended with the introduction of iOS iPhone and iPad and Android smartphone apps where parents, students and staff can receive push notifications that only concern them. Whether it is a sports fixture change or whether their has been a change to a student’s homework.

Onda Concepts is proud to partake in the launch of the platform for a prestigious school in Melbourne, Australia. We are proud that the school is delighted with the platform and we are proud that the platform has enhanced the parent’s participation and interaction with the school.

Due to the initial successful deployment, Onda Concepts and it’s partners are currently engaged in rolling the platform out for another prestigious school in Melbourne, Australia.