Onda Concepts worked on the design and development of a fully functional federated mobile portal for an Australian Airline utilising Oracle’s Weblogic Portal product.

The project involved working with a number of different vendors in developing the solution and working closely with the business owners to ensure all requirements were captured.

Onda Concepts also worked with the airline’s online team to ensure the branding was consistent and reflected the aspirational nature of the user experience.

Functions includes mobile check-in, flight timetable, flight status and frequent flyer login and status check.

The multi-phased project involved:

  • Designing the portal to be flexible enough to be displayed on all mobiles, not just smartphones such as the Apple iPhone or Google Android devices.
  • Ensuring the portal is easily updated and maintained via the airline’s CMS.
  • Ensuring the portal is able to reuse certain aspects of the existing full web portal.
  • Integrating the portal to the airline’s back-end services and other third party services.

The project utilised the following technologies: Java, jQuery, HTML5, portal technology, web services, SOA and QR Code.