Onda Concepts was engaged to provide a revamp of the Planning Partners website. The goal was to develop a site that was refreshing, responsive and that reflected the professionalism and dedication of the team from Planning Partners.

Planning Partners also requested a mechanism to send out newsletters and emails to their clients as well as advise on the best way to utlise social media.

Based off discussions with Planning Partners, Onda Concepts was able to derive a comprehensive narrative of the Planning Partners brand.

Onda Concepts decided that the best tools for this solutions were:

  • WordPress – This was due to the fact that WordPress is a versatile CMS that was the most appropriate for Planning Partners.
  • MailChimp – After analysing and working on different mailing platforms, Onda Concepts considered MailChimp as the one with the best features.
  • Amazon Web Services – Onda Concepts has used AWS previously and considers AWS as a robust platform at a reasonable price.
  • Twitter – It was determined that Twitter was the most effective social media channel for their purpose. Facebook was considered however given the business nature of Planning Partners, Onda Concepts considered Twitter would be much more effective than Facebook.

Onda Concepts also used SEO methodologies and other means to ensure optimal search engine searchability.

Planning Partners are very pleased with the website and, based off the analytical information of the site, the optimised website has generated significant improved hit rates of which some of the prospective clients have actually become clients of Planning Partners.

You can visit the Planning Partners website from here.